Welcome to Ortus IT Development

Our story

The Ortus IT is grew from three simple principles: a commitment to pushing creative and technological boundaries, the pursuit of innovative solutions for each project, and a focus on putting our clients first.
Now we are still growing web development company to the Ukraine premier full-service Web development group and this is our little ongoing story. It is ours to share and yours to discover…

What we do?

WordPress website development

Our prime direction is Web Development, Multimedia Development, Database Management and Technical Support. But especially we are focused on the custom WordPress CMS products developing and designing as well as custom WordPress plugins building. We handle everything about your WordPress website. You can send us a tasks like theme tweaks, plugin build or fixes, issues fixes and anything else.
We’re work with the latest front-end coding standards although ensuring that websites are compatible with mobile devices and are speed and search engine-friendly.
We’ve been creating a ‘quick-to-respond’ design websites as mobile integration has turn out to be increasingly important to business goals.
As per your needs, we can either customize an off-the-shelf WordPress content management system.
Also we develop Bootstrap products and elements for our clients and our own projects.

E-commerce website development

Taking your store online can be very beneficial to the success of your business. However, it can also be intimidating. If you currently have an e-commerce website that needs to be revamped or if you are looking to create a new one, Ortus IT can help.
To ensure success of your business, our e-commerce website development group will create a website that meets your company needs and effectively displays your products.

Migrate website to other server

You need to upgrade your server or your hosting company has frequent performance issues – it’s time to migrate your website to a new host. We will move your WordPress installation, database and all the content to another server, maintaining the integrity of your current site.
Has your website become outdated? Or you need a fresh styling website? The Ortus IT experts will migrate to any other WordPress theme and enjoy the ability to stay on trend.

Our basic development milestones

01 / Evaluation of present situation

If you already have an existing website, we first want to find out what does and doesn’t work about it. If you have not already, we ready to hear all of your desires and will make them real!

02 / Front & back ends Installation & Setup

We will help you to choose a right server for your website visitors and will make a needed setting-up. Will prepare a database for the new website, will make a preferred localization and SEO optimization.

03 / Research & Development

We will carry out a creative study that will provide us a skeleton for the design and the general coding of the website, which usually depends on the message you wish to convey through the design and main functionalities of your website.

04 / Support & Improvements

There will always be some sections of your website that can be further tested and improved upon. Ortus IT providing greatest support and improvements in your website as per latest market inclinations.

Techniques we uses

html5 | ortusitcss3 | ortusitcodeigniter | ortusitphp | ortusitjavascript | ortusitjquery | ortusit

ajax | ortusitjson | ortusitmysql | ortusitbootstrap | ortusitphpbb

wordpress | ortusitwoocommerce | ortusitbuddypressgitsocials


Ideal combines the quality and pricing

Our main vision is to provide unmatched, innovative and pioneering Website Development to our clients. We pride ourselves on increasing customer profits through integrity, transparency, expertise and prices. We are committed to providing website development, as well as a further support and marketing strategies to our partners and clients. At Ortus IT we are focused on results. While offering you top-notch Internet services, we strive to guarantee your satisfaction. We look forward to working with you and helping your business grow.

And remeber – a good product is nothing without a good support. We make it both!

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